Crazy4Mad*nna did this video promo for my remix of « lucky star »!!!! He gaves a live mood to my remix and it works well!!! He did a great job and i want to share it with you all!! :) hope you like it!!

Here is a link to download the file:

Brand New Music Player

A new player is now on a dedicated page… i decide to post 2 or 3 players with different style of music for each one! The first one i posted today is especially for soft tracks… all is downtempo, quiet… perfect for the end of… what you want ;)
To celebrate this premiere, i added a exclusive track… it’s a demo (so, unfinished)… of a Madonna’s track called « What It Feels Like For A Girl »… Soft and quiet as I like to produce tracks sometimes!! :) Quality Sound is not excellent… Sorry… This is the only recording i have right now… I’m still working on it! and maybe, one day, you’ll get a finished version…

Lucky Star (Dens54 Densapella)…

Remixography Updated


Hey, i’m so happy… Cause my last remix « Lucky Star » (the one i posted below) enjoy lots of  listeners…. i got so much positive mails… you bring me so many good vibes… That i have to thank you for all your lovely messages on facebook or Here. So sweet! :)If you wanna hear some more, check the MUSIC PLAYER…
I posted some players to listen to few old remixes I did..enjoy….
DensPS: more to come soon… :)

Madonna – Lucky Star (Dens54 Leila K Version)

Happy Birthday to the QUEEN OF POP…
and here is a gift for all of you to celebrate her Bday!!!!

ZIP File:

MP3 file:

Madonna – Lucky Star (Dens54 Leila K Teaser)

Hello you…

i’m working on my website… so, there is some problems… but don’t worry, it will be back soon… well… i hope so… lol

i let it open… ;)

Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Dens54 Achillirium Version)

just a video to « promote » this version i did in 2008

Madonna – Liquid Love (Dens54 GG HV2 Version 1)

unsatisfied but not so bad… that’s my feeling about it!
Tell me what you think of it!!

thanks a lot

Madonna – Deeper and Deeper – Demo Remix (2003 session)

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