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Madonna – Has To Be:

Dens54 Aquatica Remix – Long Version 256kbps         8mn23
Dens54 Aquatica Remix – Short Version 256kbps        5mn34
Dens54 Goes On Malgre Tout Version 256kbps            6mn45
Dens54 Goes On Malgre Tout Video HD

+ artwork by Suprem’a

Brand New Remix 11/2010

Crazy4Mad*nna did this video promo for my remix of « lucky star »!!!! He gaves a live mood to my remix and it works well!!! He did a great job and i want to share it with you all!! :) hope you like it!!

Here is a link to download the file:

Madonna – Lucky Star (Dens54 Leila K Version)

Happy Birthday to the QUEEN OF POP…
and here is a gift for all of you to celebrate her Bday!!!!

ZIP File:

MP3 file:

Madonna – Lucky Star (Dens54 Leila K Teaser)

Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Dens54 Achillirium Version)

just a video to « promote » this version i did in 2008

Najoua Belyzel – M (Dens54 Broken Nose Remix)


listen to this new remix here:

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