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Amazing artwork!! yes, that’s the word!!! what do you think about it? i’m in love with this guy’s artwork! and you?
don’t hesitate to post a lovely comment for him!! ;)

Don’t forget to vote for my remix HERE

My Kylie Remix is NOW ONLINE!

yes, they finally post it!! i worked hard on this one!! now it’s your turn to work! lol just click on the link below and after you’ve listened to the mix, rate it from 1 to 10 with the star rating system…

thanks a lot for your support!
don’t hesitate to share it on facebook… i need your friends to help me too ;)


Due to a technical issue with our submission form, contact details were not captured for mixes that were submitted. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you completed a mix, please return to and RESUBMIT your mix with your contact details for the contest. We have extended the submission deadline to midnight, Friday September 24th.

Voting will now begin on Sunday, September 26th and continue for 10 days. Please return to this page after September 26th to begin voting.

Please remember that our online voting and comment system is for customers and fans to comment and vote on their favorite mixes, but it is not a final vote or indication of how the mixes will actually perform in the contest. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing our winners, including judging by the label’s A&R panel, artist management and Masterbeat. The voting on this blog is also taken into consideration, but is not a final indicator of winners.

Thank you for participating in our contest, as either a remixer/producer or judge!


Message from « Apologies for not having this up. The contest has been so popular we are still uploading all the tracks. They should be available for viewing tomorrow. » (so, today cause i got this message yesterday)…
en francais, en gros, ils ont recu trop de remixes et ils galèrent a tout mettre en ligne lol… dispo ce mercredi peut etre…


Remix for contest sent to
You will be able to vote for my remix from september 20th to september 29th, 2010.

Winners will be announced on october 1st, 2010 on
i’ll need your help… i just don’t want to be the last ;) thanks a lot!!

Crazy4Mad*nna did this video promo for my remix of « lucky star »!!!! He gaves a live mood to my remix and it works well!!! He did a great job and i want to share it with you all!! :) hope you like it!!

Here is a link to download the file:

Brand New Music Player

A new player is now on a dedicated page… i decide to post 2 or 3 players with different style of music for each one! The first one i posted today is especially for soft tracks… all is downtempo, quiet… perfect for the end of… what you want ;)
To celebrate this premiere, i added a exclusive track… it’s a demo (so, unfinished)… of a Madonna’s track called « What It Feels Like For A Girl »… Soft and quiet as I like to produce tracks sometimes!! :) Quality Sound is not excellent… Sorry… This is the only recording i have right now… I’m still working on it! and maybe, one day, you’ll get a finished version…

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